ETIM: Leader in composites

Etim SAS is first and foremost a team of recognized experts, dedicated to development and production monitoring tests on composite materials.

Our laboratory, which specializes in composites, offers you a complete range of services, from specimen production to part qualification (follow-up specimens, etc.). We carry out mechanical, physico-chemical and micrographic tests… 

Today, we benefit from dedicated infrastructures (equipment and facilities) with :
 • More than 2 million euros worth of state-of-the-art equipment (machining, preparation, testing, chemistry, etc.)
 • More than 1,500 m2 of dedicated space at the Technocampus Composites in Nantes.
 • Additional international capacities (Morocco…)


Perfect control of costs, quality and deadlines, with a commitment to integrated lean production test cycles with the customer.

ETIM was born in 2007 from Airbus Nantes’ desire to outsource its testing.

Europe Technologie and Cetim join forces to create Etim at the Technocampus in 2009

2011: Creation of ETIM and integration of all operations “under one roof

Faced with falling demand from Airbus, Cetim takes control in 2018 and merges Cetim and Etim laboratories to become the group’s Polymers and Composites laboratory

2019: Etim expands its offering and customer portfolio and restructures

2020: Etim responds to the pandemic by maintaining continuity of service

2021: Etim reorganizes and reinvests to boost growth

2022: Etim continues to grow

ETIM in numbers

  • 37,000 test pieces 2022
  • SALES 4.3 M€ 2022 / +12% 2021
  • 49 employees
  • ERP & GPAO Hérakles + Sésame
  • 800 ranges referenced
  • 70 machines
  • 800 connected equipment
  • 1000 m² laboratories