Climatic ageing tests, fluid resistance


If you want to assess the impact of aging on the characteristics of your materials and/or parts, we can help you meet your needs.

Etim carries out various types of aging tests in accordance with existing standards or to our customers’ own specifications for composite materials, polymers and elastomers, etc.

02Technical resources

  • Climatic chambers: -70°C to 180°C
  • Ovens: -70°C to 400°C
  • Salt fog chambers
  • QCT capacitor
  • FORD tank with immersion heater
  • UV chambers (*)

03Our services

  • Aging under controlled temperature and humidity conditions (isothermal, cycling) before testing, for a specified time or until saturation.
  • Immersion aging (FORD tank, others…)
  • Oven drying of specimens prior to testing, for a specified time or until completely dry
  • Water saturation of specimens prior to mechanical testing
  • UV aging (internal to CETIM Group)

04Standards and accreditations

In progress

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