Mechanical characterization tests


You wish to carry out the mechanical characterisation of your materials as part of production monitoring, the validation of parts or materials, or your R&D:

Etim carries out mechanical tests in accordance with the various existing standards or to our customers’ own specifications on composite materials, polymers and rubber, wood composites, ceramic matrix composites, etc.

Our COFRAC ISO17025 and NADCAP qualifications for the aerospace sector, as well as our specific customer accreditations (AIRBUS, SAFRAN, DASSAULT, etc.) cover a wide range of tests.

We can handle all aspects of specimen preparation for you, as well as the development of test methods or the design of tooling specific to your needs in line with existing standards or your own specifications.

Our in-house resources also enable us to carry out measurements at temperatures ranging from -60°C to 250°C

These capacities are extended to -185°C and +360°C on certain machines.

For tests requiring the acquisition of specific data, we are also able to instrument preparation of specimens by coupling them with equipment such as:

  • Extensometers
  • Deformation gauges
  • 3D video correlation cameras (particularly for measuring deformation fields, etc.)
  • Detection by acoustic emission (detection of first breaks, etc.)

Our laboratory is also equipped with:

  • a pendulum impact testing machine to meet the specifications of the Charpy and IZOD shock standards
  • a drop tower for making an impact.
  • Hardness and roughness measurement

Etim can meet your serial production monitoring needs by carrying out tests within short deadlines ranging from 3 to 10 days maximum.

To achieve this, our laboratory is operational all year round with teams working 2*8.

02Technical resources

Mechanical testing machine, capacity from 1 to 60 tonnes

  • Machines 1T – 10 kN Capacity – Test T°C : – 70°C / + 360°C
  • Machines 10T – 100 kN Capacity – Test T°C : – 70°C / + 360°C
  • Machine 30T – 300 kN Capacity – Test T°C : – 70°C / + 360°C
  • Machine 25T – 250 kN Capacity – Test T°C : – 70°C / + 260°C
  • Machine 60T – 600 kN
  • Special cold chamber: from 150°c to -180°C for 10T machines
  • Impactor (10 to 100 J – MAX FORCE 50 kN)
  • Pendulum impact testing machine for CHARPY shock (from 1 to 50 J) or IZOD shock (from 1 to 22 J)
  • Hardness tester SHORE A, SHORE D 
  • Micro IRHD measurement device
  • Roughness tester

Acquisition equipment and systems

  • Acquisition for temperature probes
  • Acquisition for strain gauges
  • LVDT up to 20 mm stroke
  • Contact extensometer up to 250 mm stroke
  • Non-contact optical system for 3D video-correlation
  • Acoustic emission sensor acquisition system

03Our services

  • Inter-laminar shear strength test
  • Single Lap Shear Test
  • In Plane Shear by +/-45° tensile test
  • Cleavage Test
  • Compression test
  • Compression test after impact
  • Sandwich compression test
  • open hole or filled hole compression test 
  • Pull-out test (insert, ring loosening, etc.)
  • Curved beam strength test by 4-point bending
  • 3-point bending test (Monolithic and sandwich)
  • 4-point bending test (monolithic, sandwich)
  • Impact Test (BVID research and measurement, etc.)
  • Climbing drum peeling test
  • Peeling test or Bell peel test 
  • Interlaminar fracture toughness energy – Mode 1 / mode 2 (G1c, G2c, K1c)
  • Tensile tests
  • Open hole or filled hole tensile test
  • Flatwise tensile test (FOKKER square)
  • NOL tensile tests
  • In Plane Static Shear test on V-Notch specimen
  • Off Plane Static Shear test on V-Notch specimen (Iosipescu)

04Standards and accreditations

Mechanical characterization tests
Mechanical characterization tests

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