Micrographic analyzes


Specialized in the realization of macro and micrographic analyzes on composite materials (thermosetting matrices, thermoplastics, …), we integrate for this the whole of the preparation: sampling of the sample on the part to be observed, coating, polishing.

The sections to be analyzed are observed using optical means such as binocular loupes and/or microscopes.

We can intervene on your site within the framework of observation on a Scale 1 part in production: Polishing of the field to be observed, observation by Scan, binocular or micro), measurement of cracking (inter and intra folds), measurement of the surface porosity rate.

02Technical resources

Semi-automatic polishers​

Microscopes (x50 to x200 magnification)​

Binocular Loupes (20x to 200x magnification)​

Macrography scanner​

Portable means for service on customer site

03In-situ services

  • Sampling of samples to be analyzed from the room​
  • Sample mounting​
  • Polishing of the areas to be observed​
  • Dimensional measurements:
    • Thickness per ply​
    • Total thickness​
    • Spokes​
    • Fiber length​
    • Resin flash length / width​
    • Length / width of pores​
    • Telegraphing​
    • Half-length and corrugation height…
  • Qualification of cracks (Inter & Intra plies)​
  • Detection of foreign bodies, delamination, …                                                      
  • Surface porosity measurement​

04Standards and Accreditations

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