Preparation of specimens


Before starting the mechanical and physico-chemical tests, a number of preparatory operations are necessary:

  • Plate manufacturing (RTM, RTM LRI, Pre-preg, Cutting, lay-up, vacuum bagging, autoclave curing)
  • Sample taken from the plate
  • Material health checking (ultrasounds)
  • Tabs bounding with heating presses (service area…)
  • Machining to required geometry (cutting, trimming, drilling, fitting of fasteners, US)
  • Geometrical inspection (three-dimensional)
  • Strain gauge equipement
  • Composite plate for cuting the specimens

Mechanical and/or physico-chemical tests require several preparation operations depending on the materials and/or parts to be tested supplied by our customers.

To this end, Etim has integrated the entire test specimen preparation process in order to be able to offer:

  • The best lead times with our teams working 2 shifts a day (2×8) 
  • A complete service meeting your materials and specifications and/or standards requirements.

Depending on your requirements, we can draw up plans and lay out and sample your test parts, carry out machining, fit and install metal tabs or inserts by cold or hot bonding, install strain gauges, fit screws, etc…

We can also make your own plates from your materials.

NB: if you carry out your own tests but need to manufacture and equip your test parts, we can integrate all this preparation for you.

02Technical resources

Technical means of tracing

  • Printing table for tracing specimens on plates

Technical means of machining

  • 3-axis numerical controls, including 1 DATRON M10 PRO machining centre with a capacity of 1000mmm*700mm
  • Cutting machine with diamond disc for large plates (width up to 1200 * Length > 1500mm * Thickness up to 50 mm)
  • Grinding machines with clear water lubrication
  • Drill, chainsaw, band saw, …

Technical means for fitting composite tabs or inserts

  • Presses with heating platens with programmed polymerisation cycles for hot bonding of tabs (Capacity 10T – T°C up to 200°C – Dim: platens 500X500)
  • Programmable ovens
  • Specific tools for bonding composite tabs
  • Specific tools for bonding aluminium inserts (e.g. bonding 50×50 aluminium blocks for perpendicular tensile strength tests on sandwich materials; bonding G1c hingesetc.).

Technical means for bonding strain gauges

  • Bonding and welding stations
  • Optical camera-assisted fitting station
  • Electrical testing of gauge operation
  • Programmable ovens

Technical means for equipping test specimens

  • Torque screwdrivers
  • Riveting machine
  • Torque wrenches

03Our services

Depending on your requirements, we can offer

  •  Placement of specimens on your plates and production of CAD drawings.
  •  The layout tracing of your specimens before machining on your plates or parts
  •  Machining specimens from plates, parts or samples in accordance with the layout plan agreed with our customer. To do this, we use different cutting methods depending on the dimensional requirements. Our cuts are made using pure water or dry cutting to guarantee the integrity of the materials..
  •  Ultrasonic testing of material health before or after testing (these tests are carried out with our partner TESTIA on the Technocampus Composites site).
  •  The production and fitting of composite tabs or metal inserts, cold or hot bonded (using a heated press or oven). To do this, we are equipped with specific tooling to guarantee the dimensional requirements (useful areas between tabs, etc.) and prepare the surfaces before bonding (by sandblasting, plasma treatment, etc.).
  •  Dimensional inspection of specimens.
  • Strain gauge equipment (with all types of gauges: unidirectional, bidirectional, etc.). We carry out bonding and surface preparation on all types of polymer and composite materials, as well as on metal test specimens or parts under test (e.g. tubes, etc.).
  •  Thermocouples fitting
  •  Screws and rivets fitting …
  •  Taking into account your wet ageing or drying requirements, depending on the state in which you want the test specimens to be tested.

04Standards and Accreditations

05Production of plates

We can make hot-bonded plates under a press to suit your materials.

For the production of thermoplastic composite sheets, we can assist you with the support of CETIM’s Polymers and Composites Engineering department, which is present on our site and specialised in these new processes (thermoplastic stamping, laser-heated filament winding of thermoplastic tape (AFPT), etc.).

For the production of thermoset composite sheets, we can support you with our local partners (infusion process, RTM injection, autoclave, etc.).

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